Landlord Insurance

Whether you own an apartment, townhouse or house, residential Landlord insurance is an important protection to have for your investment property.

You can insure your:

  • Building,
  • Landlord’s contents / fixtures & fittings,
  • Liability

and also add cover for:

  • Loss of rent,
  • Rent default & theft by tenants,
  • Strata title mortgagee protection.

Buildings need to be insured for their full replacement value.

See the building sum insured calculator in our Tools menu for assistance.

Landlord Insurance Contents, Fixtures & Fittings include any household goods that you own such as carpets, curtains, internal blinds and any other furnishings that are not built-in.

Liability insurance will cover you where you are found legally liable for loss or damage to someone else’s property, or death or physical injury.  Insurance that no landlord should be without.

Loss of Rent allows you to claim for lost income as a result of the premises being uninhabitable following an insured event (eg: fire, storm, impact).

Some examples of ‘uninhabitable’ include:

  • Inability to use the kitchen and/or bathroom,
  • No power/water supply to the property,
  • The home is structurally unsafe,
  • The home is open to the outside elements.


The Rent default & Theft by a tenant section will allow you to claim for losses & expenses exceeding your bond, resulting from:

  • Your tenant leaving before the end of lease without giving notice
  • You having to legally evict your tenant
  • Your tenant ceasing to pay rent owed
  • Theft by a tenant or their visitors

Strata title mortgagee protection – If your body corporate has not insured the buildings adequately (or no policy is in place at all), and you are required to pay your mortgage in full, due to an insured event, this insurance will pay your financier up to the sum insured.

Capital Insurance Brokers will help you select the right Landlords Insurance solution to meet your needs.

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