Income Protection Insurance

Most people remember to insure their car and their house, but what about your most important asset – your ability to earn an income!

Income protection pays a monthly benefit if you are disabled and unable to work because of a sickness or accident. You select how long you wait before you start receiving payments, which is called a waiting period. You also select how long you want to be paid for whilst you are still disabled. The better policies, known as the benefit reriodx are guaranteed, which means the only person that can cancel it is you.

Some options are available at extra cost to add to your income protection insurance such as:

  • Covering Superannuation Costs
  • Being paid during your waiting period for accidents
  • Reimbursement of rehabilitation costs

Cover is for 24 hours, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. The monthly benefit can be increased automatically to keep pace with inflation.

Under current Australian taxation laws income protection premiums are fully tax deductible.

Capital Insurance Brokers makes selecting the right Income Protection / Sickness and Accident Cover insurance solution to meet your needs.

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