Life Insurance

When considering life insurance ask: What would happen to you and your family in the event of an injury or premature death of a loved one?

When thinking about insurance we always think about insuring our car and home, but we tend not think about ourselves as our nature is to think “it won’t happen to me”. However statistics show that the chance of something like this happening is quite high.

In this case, who will cover your debts? Who will pay for your child’s daily expenses, education and their future?

Premiums for personal Insurance can depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Smoking status
  • Occupation
  • Health of the life insured and family history
  • Lifestyle activities, such as motor sports, football etc.

An underwriter needs to consider all of these things when determining whether or not the insurance company can offer personal insurance cover to clients.

Capital Insurance Brokers can help in identifying any risks, and determining the most appropriate cover for you at the best price.

  • Term Life/ Total Permanent Disability
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection
  • Business express

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Capital Insurance Brokers will help you select the right Life Insurance solution to meet your needs.

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